Wednesday, June 19, 2013

You call that a Block House?

I'll show you a Block House! 

Back and forth to the hobby shop for supplies. I realize I could just bought one but decided to build one. What I wanted was a good sized building that matched up to the gaming miniatures. I plan on doing the floors and have both the roof and second floor be removable so miniatures will fit. I have much work to do which includes stone work for the foundation the roof will be shingled and put in a fireplace I suppose. Also need to put in a ladder or steps to the second floor

The beginning of my build.

The plan

Lining some sections

Wall section glued 

First floor

Floor framing for 2nd floor

Placed on top of first floor

Size comparison

If you wish to see parts one and two follow the links below.
Part 2 >
Part 3 >

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