Friday, December 28, 2012

The Last Exile - Vanship plastic model kit

I got it finally in the mail yesterday. This is a plastic model kit from the TV anime show The Last Exile. I hope to get some prep work done to it tonight.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Flames of War 1750pts American vs Russian

A great victory for my soviet force. Played verses my friend Chris T. and his American force. He still has a way to go but seems to be getting better. By taking the initiative and forcing him to react to my movement I forced him to engage where I wanted him to. It was a close game, I would say main mistake was deploying his tank destroyed platoon to soon allowing to get first shots off on them.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

SAGA game report 11-28-12

I got a game in with my friend George before I had to go to work, though tired as I was the game went pretty quickly. It was a 6pt game, after moving towards one another for about 2 turns George made his move with his Norman warrior knights into my one of my Viking units. Deflecting this attack I quickly dispatched his Calvary unit with 2 close combat attacks in a row.

Later I make a brave attack up the middle crushing another unit of norman spearman on foot. In the end his Warlord was all alone with no friends about, running in with my Warlord and Hearthguard I crushed into him and barely did enough to take him out. Victory for the Vikings1

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Close up shots of Leviathan ships painted

I figure to start off with my new webcam to take photos and videos of miniature painting I have done or will be doing. Here are some pictures I have taken of my Leviathans ships.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Goals and ideas for finishing off my French Battleship

Oh I so hate the little cannons that are bent or broken, I am in search of brass barrels to replace the lot, though I am unable to find a small enough one but the search continues. I do think I can make this one set I have been eyeing online for awhile that may work out.

So the goals I have thus far left to do for this ship (in no given order)
1. fix broken mast (either pin or replace completely)
2. work on the wiring for the mast area once my online order comes in (and paint)
3. clean up the over paint and paint lines
4. paint the anchors, I really don't know what to paint them. Perhaps black?
5. varnish and seal
6. waiting for my new webcam to come in so I can do a small video to show how it looks and post that online.
7. the smoke stacks look off just being all black, will have to do a highlight on the edges to make it stand out better.
8. I still have to work on the metallic parts and finish those off, they really are not suppose to look like they are right now. Including the bottom area which is a total mess.

Things I want to do:
1. find a good looking railing to put onto the ship.
2. why stop at one, I want to put port holes on the superstructure and perhaps replace the fighting tops entirely.
3. ladders
4. put in little AA guns
5. decal number on ship

WIP Leviathans French Battleship part 2

A updated picture of my French Battleship I have been finishing up. Silly little mast section broke off that I tried to pin, but now will have to try again.  So for now here is a new picture as I come closer to finishing the paint job.

Friday, October 26, 2012

WIP French Leviathans Battleship

I spent to much time looking for replacement barrels and may have found something, but for now here is the work in progress of my French Battleship for Leviathans from Catalyst Games.

The messy black wash done, will go back and clean up the miniature with the main colors, and figure out what to paint the metal parts (currently black parts) on the side and bottom of the ship.

I do like the main and deck colors, they really stand out well.

Painted Mousling

Felt like painting a Mousling from Reaper Miniatures. Ray gun for the win! Oh to get a yellow to come out nice takes so much time, but well worth the effort.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Played Heavy Gear Blitz

I finally got a chance to play Heavy Gear, and I really enjoyed it. Seems to feel like a tactical squad based game with elements of skirmishing play. I will be dusting off my Southern forces and get them painted up as soon as I can.

Friday, October 19, 2012

WIP Leviathan Battleship and Cruiser

I starting going over the Battleship with the colors used to clean up the miniature. You can see the the wash on the Cruiser compared to the Battleship. This gives the ship a cleaner contrast and shaded areas. The same work will be done on the Cruiser and other ships as I get them done.

Battleship in background and Cruiser in foreground
The wash I find better to just cover the areas I want a wash on, then going back and painting the colors back up with thin layers to cause contrast and subtle shading effects.

Closeup of the superstructure of the Battleship
 I also went back over the metal parts with both a dry brush and thin down metal colors, so they will give it a touch of shine without it being to shiny.

Close to being finished before sealing the miniature
I am almost to where I want to go with this look. I debated on doing the windows differently but left it as is, and will use a clear gloss for the deck house area. I forgot to add, I did do a red wash for the bottom section and mostly just for panel lining and not the entire red area.

I hope people will enjoy and perhaps comment on what I should to improve the paint job.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Leviathans British battleship WIP

Putting on finishing touches but here it is. Need to make the white stripe more white, shade the red, and blacken the windows. Seal then possible decal if I can find something useful.

The white like looks straight but with a close up photo it doesn't. Overall I am happy with the colors, the photo looks darker then it really is, due to my camera phone being limited in quality.

Debating on doing a dry brush on the brass and gunmetal areas, then clear coat flat. The ship is begging to have some numbering system. As the destroy  class ships I plan on repainting the bottom will be green rather then red and may for go doing the white stripe.

What it looked like out of the box

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Leviathans probability chart

I have got through the road block for the Leviathans Probability Chart I have been working on. Because the dice are not standard d12 it got me messed up trying to create a chart. Problem solved, now working on layout of the actual chart. Hope to get this out by next week.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursdays game canceled (today) but more lined up.

Friend dropped his bike on a metal plate and got hurt a bit, so my game with him got canceled. I hope he gets better soon enough.

I do have a few things lined up so hope to get some game on soon enough.

  • Thursday (today) - SAGA <<canceled game>> w/George K.
  • Sunday 9/30/12 - Leviathans w/Mike D.
  • Saturday 10/7/12 - Flames of War w/Chris T.
  • Saturday 10/20/12 - Heavy Gear Blitz w/Brian H.
Where is my Star Fleet game going to happen, my friend Richard hasn't touched bases on when he is free to play.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fed CA status

I am close to getting ready to do the decals, just going over the painting a bit more to make sure things are in order. I also did a little touch up on a Frigate also. I hope to finish tonight or tomorrow night depending how I feel, may stop by the hobby shop this Sunday.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Picture of 2 Battle Frigates and 2 Frigates

Just a quick shot of four ships together, I still need to fix that decal on that one ship, it is starting to bother me just looking at it.


Two frigates finished, one more then time for the Heavy Cruiser and Dreadnought. I think I will do the Heavy  Cruiser first.

Top front view of the NCC - 305 (USS HAWAII) with NCC - 306 (USS LANAI) off to the side.

Angled shot showing the side of the NCC - 306 (USS LANAI) with the NCC - 305 (USS HAWAII) on the right.

A bottom shot to show the decals which most people will not see while playing.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

USS MAUI followed by USS OAHU

I put on the decal different on the USS MAUI, and I find it looks better then the USS OAHU. I will go back to the OAHU at a later date to try and replace the decal and hope it either moves or can be replaced. But for now I will just leave it.

USS OAHU - Battle Frigate

Here is a finished Battle Frigate, the USS OAHU. A basic paint job with great decals. All paints were Vallejo paints. Paints used and steps after photos.

Vallejo Grey Primer / White 951 / London Grey 836 / Brass 801 / Red 847 / Pale Grey 73202 (wash) / Light Green 942 / Vallejo Matt

1. I started off with a grey primer.
2. Added the primary colors; white, grey, red and brass (antenna on the underside).
2a. The white I added with multiply thin coats till white. (debated on air brushing the white).
2b. a small part, but not easy to see is the green and red lights on the top left and right was added.
3. Wash over white and grey areas.
4. Painted white once again the raised panels.
5. Matt seal entire model.
6. Added decals using Micro Set.
7. Matt seal over decals.

Things I thought about doing, blue on the top engine part on the sides and there were this decals for I left out because I didn't think it would add to the miniature, besides they were a pain to cut out but may add them at a later date depending on how they look on the regular Frigates.

The following images show you a before and after the wash is added and panels repainted white.

I am still working on the base art work for the arcs of fire with illustrator, and I will get back to finishing that when I get more ships completed. Over all I am very happy with the outcome of this project.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Osprey Publishing 2013 releases for miniature game rules

As some people know Osprey Publishing is bringing out rule books made by other people. With the quality of a real book company behind them, this makes these games more appealing to a bigger group of people. Most game companies can't organize books for the life of them.

Here is there 2013 release schedule as of now, I am sure it will change of something else is added to it.

Now if I only could see what the Ronin book is all about that would be good to know.

Force on Force

Trying to learn the game Force on Force with Ken. Though we played a bunch of things wrong I think I will need more games under my belt till I get the feel and rules correctly played. Played three games, but got bogged down because my friend wanted to speed things up without looking up rules. That wouldn't have been a problem if this wasn't a learning game, which I thought we had discussed before playing on last Saturday. 

Here is where I got very good rolls in and he had pulled a gas mask card which total destroyed his US forces ability to fight well.

The other games didn't go as smoothly due to using the hidden rules and initiative rules wrong, but over all I had fun that day.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Busy making quick play sheets for Star Fleet

I have busy relearning the adobe line of software. Busy creating useful documents and am close to getting the hang of the software.

Monday, September 3, 2012


Got two games in with my friend. Federation vs Klingons, got both wins. The game system has a few quarks to it. A good overall tactical challenge none the less. I should pit up a review on my thoughts on the game later on.

On another note my decals should be in soon, for the price I hope they are of good quality.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Still waiting on my decals

OK how long does it take to get my custom decals? I do hope it comes in soon. My federation needs their pin stripes.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Federation here they come...

I hope to get these ships painted up at least by this week, so they timing of my decals arriving in the mail should time out well. Federation ships to paint 3 Frigates, 2 Battle Frigates, and 1 Heavy Cruiser. Everything but the Heavy Cruiser is painted with 1 or two coats of white, which I painted on thin so I wouldn't get clumping of paint and to preserve the detail.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Nexus 7 tablet baby!!

Well not really a miniature game item, I will be using it for miniature playing none the less, I do hope that the Star Fleet - A Call to Arms book comes out in pdf like it was promised for those that have bought the book. besides that I hope to create a data base for my ships for this game and other games, in a way to make my gaming easier on myself.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Klingon D6 and D5W ready to crush all before them!

As you can see I got two cruisers all painted and done.  I know, I know, where are the federation ships, well I been working on a few small ones. I was hoping I would get the decals soon before Saturdays game.

D6 Heavy Cruiser

D5W New Heavy Cruiser

D5W and D6

D5W and D6 from the top

Monday, August 13, 2012

Decal set for federation ships

I just put in an order for a decal sheet for my federation ships. I hope i get it in soon enough.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Small update on D5W and D6

Been working a bit on getting these two done and hopefully get some federation ship up and running for next weeks game.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Klingon F5 and E4 Frigates (Star Fleet - A Call to Arms)

F5 Frigate - side view

F5 Frigate - rear view

E4 Light Frigate - front view

E4 Light Frigate - side view

I have an D6 and D5W assembled and will hopefully get painted up tomorrow. I need to get a few Federation ships painted up soon.

4 more Vikings painted up

Picture came out kind of funny, but the look good enough on the table for my liking. I did this about two weeks back, but didn't have the time to put them on my blog.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

SAGA Welsh Victory!!!!

Oh I was so tired today and was suppose to get two games in, SAGA and Flames of War.  Needless to say I only got the SAGA game in and called off the FOW game due to being tired and sleepy.

So back to the title. I played an 8pt game of SAGA with normal rules (no 8pt game rules).

1st turn:
My friend had the first turn moved about and shot some of my levies on my left. My turn I sent one of my Welsh cavalry units to run down the norman bowmen, hit them 3 times till he was down to 3 men.

2nd turn:
Normans send their cavalry to kill my horsemen, after two melees, I had one horseman left, good enough for me.  =)  I expected them to be promptly all dead in the ground. I move around and throw javelins killing a few guys.

3rd turn:
Normans finish off the last Welsh horseman on my left. shoots up my 2nd cavalry unit with his crossbowmen who he moved and shoots twice, knocking me down from 8 to 4, ouch. I move units around to get within javelin range knocking down Normans here and their.

4th turn:
Normans with a warrior unit of 4 men rush into my 5 in a woods. "Ambush" ability used, I hold off and crush the attack. More shooting from the Normans and recovering fatigue. Little movement on his part. "Taint" a Norman cavalry unit on my right, close enough for me to move in. I move a few units and throw more javelins to cut his numbers down before I rush them.

5th turn:
Normans try to hold on 4 horse Hearth guard tries to run down a unit of warriors in the center, I life with one  man limping away. Norman Warlord rides up next to a warrior unit of his own towards mine, more shooting from his end. Finally the writing is on the wall, I run in with my warlord towards his but I drag a unit of warriors with me. He took 5 hits, 4 go to his warrior unit. His warlord backs off 4 inches, I promptly run into the damage unit of norman warriors who are down to 3 men, due to 4 lost from the 1st melee and one from shooting earlier on. I run them over and have one more combat on his warlord who dies bleeding in his homeland.

Victory goes to the pointy sticks!!!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

SAGA game day at local shop

A ashamed I have so much more to paint. But here is a shot of a game that was in progress. We had two tables going. I should have taken pictures of the games going on.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Blank dice in!!

Ok, since SAGA is having issues without having dice in stock anywhere, I went and bought some blank dice till that issue is corrected. I ordered from from seller Cloud9Shopping and received in the mail 3 out of the 4 items. So now I am stuck with just 18 dice, missing 6 dice kinda sucks.  Hope to get this order corrected and get the rest of my dice in.

Working on trees.

Finally it is my weekend and free from work, my plan is to get some trees all done and hills repainted. I got a few trees off and got most of them based. I hope to punch these out by tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Picture wasn't showing on my last post....

Ok the picture wasn't showing properly, I just fixed it.  Now it is working properly. Sorry people.

SAGA Vikings

Figured I would put up some SAGA Vikings I got going on. At least some of my better work.

I am here to return your priest...

He just wouldn't give up the gold.

Games Workshop Rohan Fine Cast.... What can I say well highly detailed but because it is of a soft material the spear and flag pole I cut off and replaced were so poorly thought out. Why didn't they just include metal spears for the miniatures I do not know, so guess what I did, I cut them out, drilled the hands out and put in a paperclip in place (I misplaced my brass rods). I may need to replace the sword on the guy with the bright green cape, I tried to straiten it but it still has a curve in it. I will end up cutting out the sword and put either a metal one or a plastic one, but for now I will leave it be.  Oh forgot to say I had some little head pieces for the flag poles, one is a pig and the other a horse, It's cropped out of the picture but will have it in other shots later on.

Perry Miniature - North American FarmHouse (WIP)

As you can see I have finished off the washes on the roof and house proper, I went over with highlighting, then randomized some individual roof shingles to make it pop out a bit more and not look so uniform. There is shading on the house itself with highlight that you may not be able to see in the picture, it was a very light gray wash and of course highlight back up to white on raised areas.

Picture of front of house.
Here is a video of the house with work in progress, I may do touch up depending on how clean I want the house to look.

What needs to be done:

  1. Ground cover painted.
  2. Place in vegetation like grass bushes and some wooden barrels.
  3. Put some wear and tear in the porch perhaps or just leave it.
  4. Add in little things like chairs, chickens, etc.
  5. Matt Varnish the whole thing.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Saga games thus far

So far i have had about ten games of 1v1 with only losing three. Game has been fun so far. My last game I lost using Saxon. Hard to use these guys at five points. I think six will be good. I hope to win today game with will start in a few minutes.

Update: barely won by points, had one bad rolling on a great attack. Pulled it off barely, if it went on i may have been in trouble.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Muskets and Tomahawks just arrived!!

So far I like the book, I will be reading more and more as time goes by. But I still have to focus on my SAGA at the moment. My Local hobby shop just got in a viking ship, I put it aside so I can buy it next month.  Time for bed and my day off to go and hang around the game store with the other guys.  =)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SAGA Fatigue markers from Battle Flag

I ordered two sets of fatigue markers. Quality is good and i like the designs. Because it is laser cut/engraved it has a burnt smell to it. I put a matt varnish to cut down the smell.

I figure since I was restarting my blog, I would start to post the things I have done. This is a build up and painted terrain piece that I had done using Tamiya sandbags and walls. I feel I did a pretty good job on this one and thought I would share.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Farmhouse update

Went over with a wash and the first highlight for the roof. Will get another lighter highlight after I get home tonight.

Perry Miniatures North American Farm House

I have started painting the Perry Miniatures North American Farm House. Though the model looks not to bad, it did take a bit of prep work to get it ready to paint. I plan on using it for "Muskets and Tomahawks", a game by Studio Tomahawk.

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