Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Warhammer 40k game in over 15 years! 27Apr14

My unpainted daemon Army of sub 800 pts. It was a first game in many many years last I played 40k. It was very fun, though it took us awhile to get use to the game so it was many hours of figuring things out.

Richard's deployment
 He had left a few units in Reserve.

My deployment
 My plan was to rush him as fast as I could and hope my Flamers would show up about the time I made contact and do some damage.

My leader, yes he is a Daemon

Trying to avoid fire

I took three wounds from Heavy Bolters, damm those things were kicking my ass early on.

Epic drop of Flamers!
This drop alone destroyed much of Richard's army on my left to center.

I made the mistake of trying to go over rough ground with these guys, they kinda got stuck moving real slowly due to poor dice rolls. Though my Leader made short work of the unit he charged, he later gets down to one Hit Point due to them blasted Heavy Bolters. The Las Cannons just couldn't hit me.

Pushed to the edge of the board, we just couldn't seem to kill one another in hand to hand.

The end, it was so much fun. I like the game but dread playing powergamers who I feel I will not have fun playing with. Thank goodness Richard has the same mindset as mine in terms of gaming.  I do hope he brings a few vehicles so we can try them out in the rules. Well perhaps just one will do.

My goal is to learn more and start painting up my little army.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Armchair Adventurer gaming store improvements!

Played a game at Armchair Adventurer, and it was pretty fun. There have been many positive improvements with the new owner.

Cleaned up store.
Organized POS (Point of Sale) system in place with inventory tracking.
Correcting prices back to MSRP (manufacturers sales retail price).
Chairs to sit on.
Players are pretty happy with it being so cleaned up.
More gaming tables to play on.
Willing to do orders.

Event setup for game systems
Cleaning further
More organizing going on

None that I can see, everything is pretty positive and moving in the right direction.

Just some of my thoughts:
I do hope he doesn't keep pushing model kits in the store, there really isn't that many guys that will buy model kits and they take up to much space.  I will need to take some photos of the store soon, because it is like light and day from how it looked to how it is now.

I wish Robert with the best of luck in growing the store into something great.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I have to upload AAR games my friends and I played

I been a bit behind on the upload of our games. I have three games to upload photos for, a "Muskets and Tomahawks" game, and two "Flames of War" games. Stay toon for those pictures.

Happy Gaming!
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