Saturday, February 28, 2015

Random Photo (Flames of War)

Thought I would share a random photo from a flames of war game from 8-8-14.  I seem to have a ton of photos of games I never got around to uploading to the blog.

Big games get crowded for soviets, wall to wall death.

Flames of War 600 pt games with some terrible picture taken

I had three games on Saturday 2-21-15 for our escalation game at 600 pts.  We can max out with five games till next meetup with 800 pts in two weeks.  I had a good time playing and relaxing.

5-2 Victory
Game one. Photos below....

6-1 Loss
Game two with photos below. A close game with Joe, I had position the odds, but failed to crush his last stug. Oh well win some lose some.

4-3 Loss
Mica has improved his game play, was a hard fight.

Three more games, but one didn't count for the escalation game, thank goodness I lost that one bad. Two more games on 2-27-15.

6-1 Victory (Free for all)
Match up with good old George K., both of us fielded Panzerspah. This has to be hands down one of my fastest games with George. I got first turn I moved for position, then George moved and engaged my forces, didn't kill any of my stuff. Then I moved and destroyed pretty much everything but the Jagdpanzer IV, losing his company commander on his next turn his forces auto break with no leader for company command test.

6-1 Victory (Encounter)
Followed up with a game vs Dan H. This was another fast game of, with his three platoons and it being a Encounter mission he was forced to have only one platoon on the table. He was using Motostrelkovy Batalon I think. With only his five T34 on the table and his CO.  I had three platoons and my commander, giving me seven pumas on table with the rest off table.  I lucked out not getting any of my pumas killed, a few bails.  I got into position then started firing into his T34 slowly killing them off till they were down to one tank and just his commander on foot.  Dan called it because all he had left was his two infantry platoons left vs my six platoons.

Here are some photos of game one and two 21st, my camera settings were off for focus point so ruined so many pictures. Promise to take better photos next time.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Flames of War Puma still going strong.

Two more games on Saturday 2-16-15 with my 600 pt Recce Puma list.

First game of the day my original opponent didn't show and I ended playing another player. He fielded 5 stugs and an infantry platoon, his two platoons vs my 6.  We played with one objective, the mission was Free for All. I sent all my Pumas across the table to the left and right flank and down behind cover near the center left.  My plan was to get into position and jump his stugs from all directions at the same time. Killed a few off then finished them off the next turn. His infantry got gunned down a tad from my cannon platoon and anti tank gun platoon.

Second game of the day. I basically did the same thing for deployment. Drew off some T34's and let them chase two Pumas around a forest while I attacked the rest of my opponents forces.  After finishing off the artillery and infantry with half tracks I turned all my firepower towards the T34's killing off the lead tank and another tank contesting the objective I was sitting on.  Pretty much that was game because I could easily just move behind a hill on the objective and sit with no chance of being pushed off.

Both players are pretty new to the game and I find that my list is pretty decent and up for the fight at this low point game.  Later on I will need to bring in something to take care of the bigger stuff I expect to see on the table as point cost increase over time.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Flames of War game

Been ages last I posted, but been having games all around just not posting them up on here.

My last game was on Saturday and it was a small 600pt fight, with my friend George fielding americans and I with my recee Puma list.

We played a Free For All mission, and he went first.  With my recee move I took control of the board by spreading out my puma force to take advantage of any angle he would give me and to split his fire across multiple platoons.

I first focused down my fire on his platoon of three chaffees, by presenting him with multiple targets he needed to move to get a shot at. His artillery destroyed two of my pumas on my left flank and I lost another I think to one chaffee.  I followed up by moving to get shots off to shoot at his platoon and killed off two and he failed moral and that platoon broke.

The game was hard fought with his infantry killing one of two halftracks from my cannon platoon but I lucked out having one live to the end of the game.

I then focused on gunning down his infantry when it moved but was mainly focused on reducing his 4 gun artillery battery of those cut down versions of the 105mm.

In the end I destroyed 2 platoons of his 3, and he killed 2 of 6 of mine. He failed company morale and and his forces broke.

Lessons learned don't let infantry get a flank shot with rifle fire they will kill Puma's, well at least two of mine.  Firepower of 4+ is painful to roll.  I am not sure if I will use this force in the upcoming battle of 600 games we are having but I my just do it for the challenge it presents me.
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