Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Blood Bowl painting in progress

So I don't got pictures and haven't had the time to really post here in like ages!  So it begins my return to painting and posting about my games.

I am starting to paint up my Blood Bowl Orks, and just ordered some trolls and convert one for use in the game.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Flames of War - been a long while last I played a midwar game of flames!!!

Midwar game of flames at 1750pts, my Soviets vs Germans.  It was the surround mission and I was stuck in the middle.

Deployed my defence.

Deployment from afar

Burning half tracks
The poor german troops in their half tracks took a beating, I got two good shots off with my SU122 needing sixes to hit. Took the lead half track with fire from one of the 76 guns.

The other batch of half tracks making their move
I forced the retreat of these by bailing a half track

Pushing towards the panzers
To keep them as far back as possible I make a push towards the panzer 3L I think they were.  George ended up gunning down close to half of this unit.  The unit started off with about 35 stands or so.

dug in germans

Assault holted
He tried to bait my left with the infantry holding up in the woods. Those two assault guns were tearing up my forces from turn one.  They make their move out to help in assaulting my infantry.  He didn't count on the few pioneers within the unit, took out one of them and force the other back.

I assault the infantry and tank,
Forced the tank to fall back, and destroyed the infantry.

George conceded the game, on the left I had destroyed the panzers, and he had pretty much just one tank to try and run through my line. His artillery did well, but he lost the mortar half tracks.  My rocket battery held up well lost half of them but they did tie up forces and pinned well enough.

Been a good game and hope to get another under my belt and posted online.  I did play a bunch of games between post and failed to put them up.  Happy gaming people!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Battlefleet Gothic scratch built Ork ships in progress

I am helping my friend build a Ork Fleet for Battlefleet Gothic.  Here is a cruiser, I still have to work on the gun decks on the port and starboard sides.  Then I plan on making a command tower or something on top the middle section. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The start of the Battlefleet Gothic Campaign

It has been to long last I posted and to reboot and post again I am starting a Battlefleet Gothic campaign. Currently I am getting the people together to see who is willing to dive into it, and thus far I have a good amount of interest and I hope to start it up come the end of the month or next month. Working on the format at this time.  Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I order this set of rules and the cards from Sam Mustafa at http://www.sammustafa.com/honour/modules-games/blucher/ and I must say it is very well done, though I got a bad set of cards that had some 54 misaligned printed cards Sam was more then willing to send me another set of cards for me to use.  I took some photos for him of the cards so he could get in touch with the printers about the error.

Happy gaming people!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Kings of War 750 fight 2-28-15

Game was fun this saturday, I got to finally kill off those dang werewolves.  My big unit got crushed by the catapult in one shot, thank goodness they were out of position before I got around the flanks before my main attack. I used the orc list for my beastmen army.

(opps forgot to take photos of the setup and deployment)

I setup my units with blocks of infantry with supporting cavalry units on both flanks, I moved to set up delaying actions throughout my lines till I could flank the catapult on the left.  I charged the center with my bow armed unit in the center to try to clear that out of the way, which didn't really work out but at least delayed the huge block of undead. On my left I charged into his cavalry unit and the unit in front of it, destroying both of those I tried to attack the large block but failed. The only saving grace was that my unit fell back into the woods so when I was attacked in turn, his unit had to move over the part of the terrain causing him to get a +1 to hit, which saved the hell out of me and allowed me to roll around the left and setup for flank attacks.

On the right I ran over the catapult, then followed up into the werewolves but failed to wipe them out. I survived his attack from his werewolves and was presented with a flank attack my minotaurs on his flank and cavalry in front.

View from the right Werewolves being attacked.

Only unit left was the large block of undead and his hero, at which point it was pretty much surrounded by all my living units ready for a multi attack into the front and flanks with no less than four units ready to attack on both flanks and one to the front.  I still had a few other units set for follow up attacks just in case.

Unit center that I hit with two units then destroyed it.

Left flank tying up large block with enemy wizard

Position after killing off werewolves

Center after destroying enemy unit.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Random Photo (Flames of War)

Thought I would share a random photo from a flames of war game from 8-8-14.  I seem to have a ton of photos of games I never got around to uploading to the blog.

Big games get crowded for soviets, wall to wall death.
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