Friday, October 26, 2012

WIP French Leviathans Battleship

I spent to much time looking for replacement barrels and may have found something, but for now here is the work in progress of my French Battleship for Leviathans from Catalyst Games.

The messy black wash done, will go back and clean up the miniature with the main colors, and figure out what to paint the metal parts (currently black parts) on the side and bottom of the ship.

I do like the main and deck colors, they really stand out well.

Painted Mousling

Felt like painting a Mousling from Reaper Miniatures. Ray gun for the win! Oh to get a yellow to come out nice takes so much time, but well worth the effort.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Played Heavy Gear Blitz

I finally got a chance to play Heavy Gear, and I really enjoyed it. Seems to feel like a tactical squad based game with elements of skirmishing play. I will be dusting off my Southern forces and get them painted up as soon as I can.

Friday, October 19, 2012

WIP Leviathan Battleship and Cruiser

I starting going over the Battleship with the colors used to clean up the miniature. You can see the the wash on the Cruiser compared to the Battleship. This gives the ship a cleaner contrast and shaded areas. The same work will be done on the Cruiser and other ships as I get them done.

Battleship in background and Cruiser in foreground
The wash I find better to just cover the areas I want a wash on, then going back and painting the colors back up with thin layers to cause contrast and subtle shading effects.

Closeup of the superstructure of the Battleship
 I also went back over the metal parts with both a dry brush and thin down metal colors, so they will give it a touch of shine without it being to shiny.

Close to being finished before sealing the miniature
I am almost to where I want to go with this look. I debated on doing the windows differently but left it as is, and will use a clear gloss for the deck house area. I forgot to add, I did do a red wash for the bottom section and mostly just for panel lining and not the entire red area.

I hope people will enjoy and perhaps comment on what I should to improve the paint job.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Leviathans British battleship WIP

Putting on finishing touches but here it is. Need to make the white stripe more white, shade the red, and blacken the windows. Seal then possible decal if I can find something useful.

The white like looks straight but with a close up photo it doesn't. Overall I am happy with the colors, the photo looks darker then it really is, due to my camera phone being limited in quality.

Debating on doing a dry brush on the brass and gunmetal areas, then clear coat flat. The ship is begging to have some numbering system. As the destroy  class ships I plan on repainting the bottom will be green rather then red and may for go doing the white stripe.

What it looked like out of the box

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Leviathans probability chart

I have got through the road block for the Leviathans Probability Chart I have been working on. Because the dice are not standard d12 it got me messed up trying to create a chart. Problem solved, now working on layout of the actual chart. Hope to get this out by next week.

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