Sunday, October 14, 2012

Leviathans British battleship WIP

Putting on finishing touches but here it is. Need to make the white stripe more white, shade the red, and blacken the windows. Seal then possible decal if I can find something useful.

The white like looks straight but with a close up photo it doesn't. Overall I am happy with the colors, the photo looks darker then it really is, due to my camera phone being limited in quality.

Debating on doing a dry brush on the brass and gunmetal areas, then clear coat flat. The ship is begging to have some numbering system. As the destroy  class ships I plan on repainting the bottom will be green rather then red and may for go doing the white stripe.

What it looked like out of the box


  1. Very cool looking. The ship looks much better than it did originally. Now you have to do all the others...

  2. Going to work on it, I have the main box set, and the add on British box. I forgot to get the decals. I will have to get them perhaps tomorrow, but I may already have white ones someplace here.


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