Saturday, October 25, 2014

Removing paint from metal figures

I been in the process for removing paint from some warmaster figures and finally found a solution that works for me.

I tried Simple Green, Pine Sol, Windex and combinations of these. They worked somewhat but didn't work well enough.  I then tried turpentine, then acetone, much to toxic for my liking and didn't really work that great.

So what did work, well I found Citristrip Safer Paint and Varnish Stripping Gel.  This worked like a charm, put some on metal miniatures let sit in a metal pan, wait 15min and wash off with brush.

It doesn't have toxic fumes and is safe for indoor use, though it says to have ventilation. Do read the instructions, it will eat plastic as I found out when using a plastic knife to spread it on the miniatures.  I realize there are a few different products under the Citristrip name but this picture is the exact one I bought.

I will add pictures of the before and after effects of using this product after I take a few photos sometime this week.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Baccus 6mm diving in

Well I took the dive, and ordered me up some 6mm Baccus Greek. I am planning on getting some Warmaster Ancients going with my friend. As for bases I ordered from Renedra their 40mm x 20mm plastic bases I like better then laser cut wooden ones. I should be able to use these for other game systems also.

I hope to have them soon enough, if this goes well and builds out nicely I will order another army after this one is done.  Though this is a long term project I hope to have ready by christmas.

Some of my build out info for a 2000pt army.

1 stand of 24 figs, 3 stands to 1 unit of hoplite 72 figs.
      I need 17 units hoplites, so that is something like 1224 figs.  =O

1 stand of 10 figs, 3 stands to 1 unit of Greek Cavalry.

more to think about for setup for other units will be added to this at a later date.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Warmaster and A Call to Arms Star Fleet

Trying to relearn the rules from not playing it in ages . Took the pics from my terrible cell phone, I forgot to bring my camera to the game store. Got a few games going last weekend.  Hope to see more playing of these games soon enough.

Played a small 1000 pt game to try and relearn and teach the game to my friend. I ended up losing, I think it is because he was using my trusty Dwarf army.. =P

Monday, October 13, 2014

The new look of Armchair Adventurer game store

It has been ages since my last post, but to start once more in trying to make time to post here is a look at Armchair Adventurer, a game store bought and sold to a new owner who has done massive improvement to the environment.

Google Map to the location, come down and play!

If you want to do a walk through and see how much space there is to play please do make your way down there. Also there are two full size tables 6'x5' one 5'x5' and I believe a 4'x'4' to get all your gaming needs in.

Google Map virtual walk through

Support your local store where you play by spending money there and bring new people into the hobby.

As for terrain, I have loaned out some of my terrain for use at the store as has others, please use and take care of these items.  =)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Warhammer Diskwars - Last weekends game 7/19/14

This was a first attempt to learn the rules and play. The game is pretty fun I hope to get more games in this weekend.

Richard debating his move
So many errors on rules were made, but hey we just unboxed the game and tried to learn it as we played. After reading more online and the rules, this week should prove a more challenging weekend.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

All Quiet on the Martian Front - AAR 7/12/14 (Game 1)

Using the starter box, I played the US, while my friend played the Martians. Playing the intro mission where the Martians have to escape with one Tripod. Though I had put on both weapons for the Tripods, we only used the Ray Gun.

Deployment, Hiding to avoid being hit on turn one.

Attempting to run out with an infantry unit, only to watch them die.

Martians make a break for the left side of the table.

I move to intercept with my bikes

Moving my forces from my right to my left to cut off the Tripods

It got pretty funny with the machine gun on the Bike unit made the first Tripod explode, then causing damage to the second one who also exploded.

What happens with one tripod explodes and kills another one.

Game was called, human victory!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Got my order in for "All Quiet on the Martian Front"

Quick build time!!! I want to get a game quickly on Friday or Saturday.

Here is a size of an Assault Tripod next to an HO scale building. To think I almost ebayed the lot of buildings I have in HO scale.  =)

I almost have all three Assault Tripods done, I will do a lighting kit later so I will not glue the top on till I get the lights in.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Poor Imperial Guard Tank. ((insert sad face here))

Had a fun game of 40k on Saturday, no objectives were used and pretty much we just fought to the death. The last tank standing at the end of the game got swamped till it died to Plaguebearers.

There were a few back and forth turning points in the game, where it could have been anyone's game. But in the end I turned the tide after finishing off the infantry. This was a 1000pt game and hopefully we will get a larger game in.

I so truly need to make time to paint my army. I need a good motivation to get myself going.

Monday, June 23, 2014

update to my hobby life

Been gaming like crazy, but haven't taken any pictures. Thus far I have been at least getting one to two games over the weekend, though I should start picking up the brush with so many projects once more knocking at my door.

We are going to be having a Flames of War campaign coming up soon. I best clean up my Russian army for battle so I don't look so bad compared to the other player's miniatures that will show.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

WIP Daemon Proxy for 40K Chaos Daemon army [2 of 2]

I have done more work on the miniature. Darkening the red and getting it more defined throughout the skin tones.

Here are some updated photos.

I have to work on the base, and touch up some minor stuff. I also will either put a gloss or satin varnish on the metal parts. I think I'll do satin.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Got a Flames of War game in today.

It was a good day for my Russians vs Germans. I played Mike (one of the Mikes here in Hawaii), I thought I was going to be in trouble but ended up crushing his attack.

I held my ground for a few turns then started my move around turn 3 and 4. The main problem I was going to have was against his Panthers, but I got off a good kill with my 100mm AT gun early then later destroyed another one.

I almost screwed up and charged into a platoon with 5 panzerfaust. I did loose a few Stuarts but with infantry support next to them I wasn't really going to loose anymore.

In the end I had completely destroyed 3 platoons, two other platoons were down to one stand, his artillery was down to 1 gun and 1 command stand. His pak40s were out of action due to location of reserves.

Another day where I was to busy enjoying my game, that I didn't take photos of the battle. But here is a pictures of a kittens to get you thru the day.

Victory goes to those who dictate the battle!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WIP Daemon Proxy for 40K Chaos Daemon army [1 of 2]

This is a work in progress, please ignore the red as it is just the base color.  I started work on the hard plates, and figured I would make it look stone like. I like how the look and I may add a tad more detail depending on if it will tie into the rest of the miniature.

Closeup of the Right hand/claw/thingy

A over view from the Front Right side.

Left Side View
My goal is to work on the red tomorrow, darkening it then slowly blend up to a lighter red. The shoulder armor plates will become something I am not sure as of yet. Thinking something like Steel to black mix, like some medieval armor looks like.  Finally I will work on the base with painting and flocking.

Wish me luck, I have a lunch bet on the line!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Warhammer 40k game in over 15 years! 27Apr14

My unpainted daemon Army of sub 800 pts. It was a first game in many many years last I played 40k. It was very fun, though it took us awhile to get use to the game so it was many hours of figuring things out.

Richard's deployment
 He had left a few units in Reserve.

My deployment
 My plan was to rush him as fast as I could and hope my Flamers would show up about the time I made contact and do some damage.

My leader, yes he is a Daemon

Trying to avoid fire

I took three wounds from Heavy Bolters, damm those things were kicking my ass early on.

Epic drop of Flamers!
This drop alone destroyed much of Richard's army on my left to center.

I made the mistake of trying to go over rough ground with these guys, they kinda got stuck moving real slowly due to poor dice rolls. Though my Leader made short work of the unit he charged, he later gets down to one Hit Point due to them blasted Heavy Bolters. The Las Cannons just couldn't hit me.

Pushed to the edge of the board, we just couldn't seem to kill one another in hand to hand.

The end, it was so much fun. I like the game but dread playing powergamers who I feel I will not have fun playing with. Thank goodness Richard has the same mindset as mine in terms of gaming.  I do hope he brings a few vehicles so we can try them out in the rules. Well perhaps just one will do.

My goal is to learn more and start painting up my little army.
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