Monday, October 20, 2014

Baccus 6mm diving in

Well I took the dive, and ordered me up some 6mm Baccus Greek. I am planning on getting some Warmaster Ancients going with my friend. As for bases I ordered from Renedra their 40mm x 20mm plastic bases I like better then laser cut wooden ones. I should be able to use these for other game systems also.

I hope to have them soon enough, if this goes well and builds out nicely I will order another army after this one is done.  Though this is a long term project I hope to have ready by christmas.

Some of my build out info for a 2000pt army.

1 stand of 24 figs, 3 stands to 1 unit of hoplite 72 figs.
      I need 17 units hoplites, so that is something like 1224 figs.  =O

1 stand of 10 figs, 3 stands to 1 unit of Greek Cavalry.

more to think about for setup for other units will be added to this at a later date.

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