Tuesday, May 27, 2014

WIP Daemon Proxy for 40K Chaos Daemon army [2 of 2]

I have done more work on the miniature. Darkening the red and getting it more defined throughout the skin tones.

Here are some updated photos.

I have to work on the base, and touch up some minor stuff. I also will either put a gloss or satin varnish on the metal parts. I think I'll do satin.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Got a Flames of War game in today.

It was a good day for my Russians vs Germans. I played Mike (one of the Mikes here in Hawaii), I thought I was going to be in trouble but ended up crushing his attack.

I held my ground for a few turns then started my move around turn 3 and 4. The main problem I was going to have was against his Panthers, but I got off a good kill with my 100mm AT gun early then later destroyed another one.

I almost screwed up and charged into a platoon with 5 panzerfaust. I did loose a few Stuarts but with infantry support next to them I wasn't really going to loose anymore.

In the end I had completely destroyed 3 platoons, two other platoons were down to one stand, his artillery was down to 1 gun and 1 command stand. His pak40s were out of action due to location of reserves.

Another day where I was to busy enjoying my game, that I didn't take photos of the battle. But here is a pictures of a kittens to get you thru the day.

Victory goes to those who dictate the battle!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WIP Daemon Proxy for 40K Chaos Daemon army [1 of 2]

This is a work in progress, please ignore the red as it is just the base color.  I started work on the hard plates, and figured I would make it look stone like. I like how the look and I may add a tad more detail depending on if it will tie into the rest of the miniature.

Closeup of the Right hand/claw/thingy

A over view from the Front Right side.

Left Side View
My goal is to work on the red tomorrow, darkening it then slowly blend up to a lighter red. The shoulder armor plates will become something I am not sure as of yet. Thinking something like Steel to black mix, like some medieval armor looks like.  Finally I will work on the base with painting and flocking.

Wish me luck, I have a lunch bet on the line!

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