Tuesday, May 27, 2014

WIP Daemon Proxy for 40K Chaos Daemon army [2 of 2]

I have done more work on the miniature. Darkening the red and getting it more defined throughout the skin tones.

Here are some updated photos.

I have to work on the base, and touch up some minor stuff. I also will either put a gloss or satin varnish on the metal parts. I think I'll do satin.


  1. Model Looks real good. What is the Ldrshp 10, 5 Wounds, toughness 6, 6 normal attacks or 3 smash attacks-no saves and oh yeah causes fear!!!

    What cheese. Lo que el queso..Ce formage...Cosa formaggio....Dono yona Chizu...eotteon chijeu...Shenme nailao....Was fur Kase...Chto syr...siphi ushizi...Ona Sirenje...hva ost...ce branza...Ki hai panira...o queijo...aha tihi...shcho syr...quid varius... Well you get the picture.

    Nah, putting all kidding aside, the Daemon Dude looks great...Now get the rest of cheese painted.


  2. Don't worry Richard, we will get a game in this weekend and I will try to get more done. I am working on the base and hopefully get that done tomorrow.


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