Tuesday, July 15, 2014

All Quiet on the Martian Front - AAR 7/12/14 (Game 1)

Using the starter box, I played the US, while my friend played the Martians. Playing the intro mission where the Martians have to escape with one Tripod. Though I had put on both weapons for the Tripods, we only used the Ray Gun.

Deployment, Hiding to avoid being hit on turn one.

Attempting to run out with an infantry unit, only to watch them die.

Martians make a break for the left side of the table.

I move to intercept with my bikes

Moving my forces from my right to my left to cut off the Tripods

It got pretty funny with the machine gun on the Bike unit made the first Tripod explode, then causing damage to the second one who also exploded.

What happens with one tripod explodes and kills another one.

Game was called, human victory!

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