Saturday, April 26, 2014

Armchair Adventurer gaming store improvements!

Played a game at Armchair Adventurer, and it was pretty fun. There have been many positive improvements with the new owner.

Cleaned up store.
Organized POS (Point of Sale) system in place with inventory tracking.
Correcting prices back to MSRP (manufacturers sales retail price).
Chairs to sit on.
Players are pretty happy with it being so cleaned up.
More gaming tables to play on.
Willing to do orders.

Event setup for game systems
Cleaning further
More organizing going on

None that I can see, everything is pretty positive and moving in the right direction.

Just some of my thoughts:
I do hope he doesn't keep pushing model kits in the store, there really isn't that many guys that will buy model kits and they take up to much space.  I will need to take some photos of the store soon, because it is like light and day from how it looked to how it is now.

I wish Robert with the best of luck in growing the store into something great.


  1. Yes so very true, wish the previous owner would have tried to improve his store and be more positive. I should have taken pictures of how bad the store looked before and after. I am pretty happy with how things are going there and I will be putting in terrain for people to use for games.

  2. Of course everything gets better after I leave....AAAWWW. well good for you guys. Glad AA will be around when I come back on TDY to the island.

    1. Brian man, I hope to see you back in the islands soon enough. I am glad that AA will be up and running and to boot, will be a great game to play games at. I will try to post up pictures of the store when it is cleaned up more.


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