Tuesday, June 26, 2012

SAGA Vikings

Figured I would put up some SAGA Vikings I got going on. At least some of my better work.

I am here to return your priest...

He just wouldn't give up the gold.

Games Workshop Rohan Fine Cast.... What can I say well highly detailed but because it is of a soft material the spear and flag pole I cut off and replaced were so poorly thought out. Why didn't they just include metal spears for the miniatures I do not know, so guess what I did, I cut them out, drilled the hands out and put in a paperclip in place (I misplaced my brass rods). I may need to replace the sword on the guy with the bright green cape, I tried to straiten it but it still has a curve in it. I will end up cutting out the sword and put either a metal one or a plastic one, but for now I will leave it be.  Oh forgot to say I had some little head pieces for the flag poles, one is a pig and the other a horse, It's cropped out of the picture but will have it in other shots later on.

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