Saturday, July 7, 2012

SAGA Welsh Victory!!!!

Oh I was so tired today and was suppose to get two games in, SAGA and Flames of War.  Needless to say I only got the SAGA game in and called off the FOW game due to being tired and sleepy.

So back to the title. I played an 8pt game of SAGA with normal rules (no 8pt game rules).

1st turn:
My friend had the first turn moved about and shot some of my levies on my left. My turn I sent one of my Welsh cavalry units to run down the norman bowmen, hit them 3 times till he was down to 3 men.

2nd turn:
Normans send their cavalry to kill my horsemen, after two melees, I had one horseman left, good enough for me.  =)  I expected them to be promptly all dead in the ground. I move around and throw javelins killing a few guys.

3rd turn:
Normans finish off the last Welsh horseman on my left. shoots up my 2nd cavalry unit with his crossbowmen who he moved and shoots twice, knocking me down from 8 to 4, ouch. I move units around to get within javelin range knocking down Normans here and their.

4th turn:
Normans with a warrior unit of 4 men rush into my 5 in a woods. "Ambush" ability used, I hold off and crush the attack. More shooting from the Normans and recovering fatigue. Little movement on his part. "Taint" a Norman cavalry unit on my right, close enough for me to move in. I move a few units and throw more javelins to cut his numbers down before I rush them.

5th turn:
Normans try to hold on 4 horse Hearth guard tries to run down a unit of warriors in the center, I life with one  man limping away. Norman Warlord rides up next to a warrior unit of his own towards mine, more shooting from his end. Finally the writing is on the wall, I run in with my warlord towards his but I drag a unit of warriors with me. He took 5 hits, 4 go to his warrior unit. His warlord backs off 4 inches, I promptly run into the damage unit of norman warriors who are down to 3 men, due to 4 lost from the 1st melee and one from shooting earlier on. I run them over and have one more combat on his warlord who dies bleeding in his homeland.

Victory goes to the pointy sticks!!!

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