Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Working on a Block House

I started work on a Block House for Muskets and Tomahawks. It will be pretty big I think, I plan on doing it all from scratch. Here is the start of my project. Here is some layout without gluing as of yet.

Glued wall section with gun ports.
This last picture is what the walls will look like. I plan on making a second floor and roof. I think the roof will take some time to get done.


  1. You are really committed. That looks like a tough project. I have stain if you want in the end to paint.

    1. Do you have wood stains? I was just going to paint it. Then weather it a tad.

  2. So it's a race to see who finishes first. :-) Can't wait to see your project. Any work in progress to show and share?


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