Thursday, June 20, 2013

Muskets and Tomahawks game 6-20-13

Had a last minute pickup game with Pat H. today. Took a ton of pictures, perhaps way to many pictures. This time we basically switched forces, I had two units of French and one small indian force who carried rifles. My thinking was to use their greater range to shoot down enemy units while using my regulars to draw fire with their lives.

My mission: Defence
Pat's mission: Raid

Initial setup

Quick reinforcements

Moving moving moving.

Regulars move up to screen the civilians.
The Civilians we used some proxy figures so the indians near the blue house are them, there is also a bunch hold up in the house itself.

Random event, it's nightfall!

Pat makes his move
Advancing under the cover of darkness, Pat moves his forces up.

View from the right table edge.
I hold up and go on vigilance but having to push my rifle armed indians close enough to see the enemy.

Regulars on Vigilance
Not in line but slighting spread out, I wait for the indians to make their move.

Fire at will!
I fail to score a single hit, I fear I will be over run by the enemy indians on my right flank.

Pushed back arrows.
From the center the arrows from the woods tear into my forces. I fall back tying to protect the civilians leaving the building under the cover of darkness.

Two indian units rush out from my front right.

Under attack oh noo!!

2nd view of the melee

Epic rolling

So many dead
I have a few men left, I turn and run, only to loss two more. On the right hand side the proxy indians are civilians. I fall back with my last man.

The enemy 6 indian unit opens fire.
They fail to score any hits.
I form line and fire into the darkness

The indians take a hail of fire.
His last man turns and routs off the table.
Rifle Fire

I fall back with indian on my right. Spending some time reloading I fire and push back the enemy bow men that left the center of Pat's forces, they tuck around the woods to reorganize.

Rifle Fire, second view

I am charged by Pats indians.
Without waiting, I am charged by Pat's indians on the right, we both kept forgetting that we had thrown weapons.

No dead?! Melee continues
We both pile in due to not killing one another in the melee.

My Indians all die.
Civilians moving 2" in the dark near the building, is painful to watch. They will never get away at this rate.

Random event happens
Bring a randomly determine dead unit back on any table edge. My officer makes it on the table behind the line unit on the road, only to get tomahawked in the back. Pat saving his musket fire for the line unit.

The center of the fight.
After running over some civilians (proxy indians in the field) the bow armed indians are caught out in the open, I prepare to fire and take names.

pew pew pew
I fire and force the bow armed indians behind the house. I ignore the fact there is enemy in my rear.

Pew pew pew side view

after trying to just fire on the civilians and not killing any of them, Pat moves up from the right though the field to get closer to the civilians.

Poor shooting skills
Knocking one of my men down from firing from my behind the

Sneaky indians coming around the building

Game Ends
Game ends abruptly we end in a draw, we both failed our missions. We had loads of fun! Next game is on Sunday and I hope it will be a blast. I would like to thank Pat for having a game with me.

All the terrain used this time is mine, except the road, I so need to buy or make a nice road to go with this game.


  1. I was going to do one, but waiting on hearing some feedback till that happens. If you have questions about it, let me know.

  2. Excellent game and figures, Steven. I was directed to your blog via Andrew's Loki site. I see you are a fellow ex-Pat from Hawaii. I'm in Puyallup, WA - where are you located now? Best, Dean

    1. Thanks for to comments. The Indians with flocking are mine the rest is Pat's, my friend I was playing.

      I am living in Hawaii.


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