Thursday, June 20, 2013

You call that a Block House? part 2

More updates on my Block House. I got the flooring done for the 2nd floor. I will need to make a ladder and possible a fire place, like a cast iron stove or something. I want to get the second story walls all done. I also got the beginnings of the framing for the roof. I will start off with the good pictures and work my way down to the other ones.

If anyone is wondering, I cut and glued every single piece together. So the 2x4 you see for the flooring are all cut and fitted. I ended up filling the gaps with elmers glue.

view showing the opening to the ground floor.

Lower shot showing more detail

Bottom side of the 2nd foor framing.
Granted no one will see it, but I think it was fun to build up. I kind of screwed up the framing and made some messed up cuts but it will not be seen from the outside so all is good.

removed 2nd floor.

Start of roof framing
I am showing the template for the roof framing. Once the roof is finished I can cut out and start shingling the entire roof. Because I plan on cutting out the shingles and gluing them one by one it should look good. I had done a 10mm house with shingles for Warmaster, so this should turn out good.

Showing the over hang.
I just placed it for reference. Ignore the fact I do not have the 2nd floor walls all done up, possible later in the day I will get to it.

Well that is all for now, enjoy!


  1. Do you have a link to that, I did shingles on a tiny 10mm house for Warmaster years and years ago.

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