Monday, June 3, 2013

Color choices to pick from for M&T army list generator

I got bored entering data, and probable got some wrong. I was productive and got the sum to work when you copy past downwards the unit blocks. So for now here are some color choices for the army list builder. I was going for easy reading for either color or blank and write.

Issue right now is the option box description has some real long entries. I may just summarize them to fit the cell. I didn't input all of the option descriptions due to trying to figure out how to name them, till the a solution presents itself for how I want it to finally work.


  1. Hi great work on the M & T army List generator. Thankyou for your efforts and generosity in sharing it.

    I had a thought, it will be interesting to see others opinions. We had two games going simultaneously the other day and people were putting ther printed army lists down, getting them mixed up and wasting time looking for their own. What about using conditional formatting so that say selections from the British List had the unit type on say a Pink Background, the French on say grey etc. That we a glance will tell you which is your list. Would also help where you had a file with lists for all armies to aid finding the ones you were after.

    Cheers Barrie

    1. Thanks BarrieMac. I tried to figure out an easy way to do just that, but haven't found a great solution. One solution you could use is in excel 2007 and on. "Theme Colors"

      I left the file unlock so people could change the colors to suit their needs. There are present colors to quickly pick a theme or you can make your own custom "Theme Colors".

      If you have questions on how to do this I can help. Here is a link to how to use "Theme Colors".

    2. I forgot to add a few comments.

      I did think about splitting them all up, but to keep it updated it would be a bit harder should the need arise. Having multiple list generators for each list is possible but very time consuming. I wanted people to still use the book to create their list, there are certain things that do not translate over to the army list generator that you need the book to build forces with.

      Do tell me if the Theme Colors work for you. I may make a tutorial later down the road. Thanks again for your comments.


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