Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Changed colors in army list generator

Here is a picture of it in excel and one as a pdf. I think I may just use all thin lines so as not to have real thick borders.

picture from excel

picture converted to pdf

I am not liking the thick borders so I will convert them all to the thin ones. using the colors of the chart to dictate the spacing and visual searching that one will do when looking at the chart.

reduced all boxes to the thin line pdf
Ok here is the pdf and this is how it will print out in a color printer. The thinner lines are so much better and I am happy with the results.


  1. Love the work your doing on this Steven, could I suggest an extra Data field allowing the Player to name his Units, I think one of the beauties of M & T is to create almost a Role Playing Campaign situation for Officers and Units.

    Cheers Barrie

    1. Thanks BarrieMac, It is a pretty tight fit on the excel sheet vertically, one possible way is to move up the Options row up to create another row that would be useable for such a thing.

      I also realize I could tighten up the space a bit between the Options and Weapons which could create that space I need. Last resort would be to reduce the text size down by 1.


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