Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Muskets and Tomahawk game 6-11-13

Today I had a game with Mr Pat H., he brought to the fight two units of eight French Regulars and one unit of six Indian Allies and his French regular Leader. I had my four units of six Indian units and Indian Leader.

Pat's mission: Scouting Mission
My mission: Raid

We played on a 4x4 foot table, 200pts a side.

The game progressed well I started off with hidden markers to get across from my end to the middle area where the two buildings were located. I attempted to stick to cover and fire into the French regular units.

I had set fire to the building on the left with an indian unit that later moved around the left of the building.  Seeing me moving the regulars let off a volley fire and kill 3 of my indians.

On my right I attempted to make my way into the trees near the white building but I run into a friendly french indian unit. They fire into my indians, and these also fall back.

Making it to the center area of the table.
Failing to charge the regulars, my indian elite unit promptly runs for cover into the trees.

Elite my ass!!  =(
Somewhere in the center I trade fire for awhile with another French unit trying to into a firing position.

French blocking my path.
Forcing the regulars to fall back from fire it exposes his leader to a charge from my indians coming out of a field. I only managed to get one into contact with his leader. (I forgot to thrown my tomahawk because of bloodlust), his leader cuts me down, the rest of the unit seeing this decides the French officer is to much of a great warrior and retreats back to the field.

5 indians watch their comrade die!
Here they are safe and sound back in the cover of the field.

Indian Leader in British coat upset with his mens efforts.
Attempting to make a go at the center french line because of the lack of effective bow fire they to fail in hand to hand fighting and fall back losing a few men.

ahhh!!! run away run away
After much shooting I finally broke the left flank of the French forces killing their leader and the remainder of those troops I start to close in on the remainder of the French forces. with accurate musket fire and cut down the indian unit attempting to run out in the open in front of the white house, shooting more into the center unit with bow and musket fire the French center starts to fall apart.

With a flanking move on the left my indian unit and leader make their way around to try and close the distance. 
Flanking unit from my left
My friend calls it, and we end the game, here is the final photos of our game.

Flanking unit setup on the edge of field.

Closeup shot.
One enemy Indian running away.

On the right, last indian running away.
A closeup of my friends French unit of twelve men, though he fielded them in eight for this I think that regulars should be in large numbers of at least 10 to 12 to utilize their abilities for more turns before being reduced to 5 men or less.

I think he painted them pretty good. He is going to lighten them up a tad and work on doing a ink wash and highlight the face back up so they should be pretty cool looking.

12 man French Regulars
We had a good time playing and the game moved a lot more smoothly this time around. I wish we had time to switch sides so I could try out the regulars. Sooner or later I will have my regulars painted up once I can get a box set of the Perry plastic British to go with my Dragoons I have been preparing for painting.

Lessons learned from this game is to coordinate your units to work together support one another's actions. Don't be afraid of taking chances. if you can absorb the losses.

Till next time, have a happy gaming!

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