Tuesday, October 29, 2013

WIP Transports for Battlefleet Gothic and other things

Lighting and metallics still to go.
So this is how it is coming along. I hope to get the six transport/supply ships done soon. I should have a full day of working on it this Tuesday, so I better get some sleep right after I post this.

I am liking the color on this one thus far.
The colors on this is pretty cool looking, I painted then washed and then went back over with the main colors once more. Once I get the lighting done and some shiny parts it will be perfect.

3 transports/supply, another 3 on the way
Here is a work in progress of the transports/supply ships, just got the Primer on, letting it sit and then finish this up probable by on monday. I will start work on the planet also, I feel like a earth type world. The stands with post are for more asteroids.

Planet and some bases for asteroids

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