Monday, October 14, 2013

Battlefleet Gothic Scenario 3 / BFG:R / 10-13-13 / AAR

Sunday 10/13/13 I had a game with Richard B. We played scenario 3, using the BFG:R rules. My Imperial Fleet of 1000 pts VS 500 pts of Raiders.

Deployment of my ships (sorry out of focus)
My plan was to have my Battleship on the left hand side and a cruiser on the far right. I left my carrier in the center with two escort groups to protect him and swing around to where I needed to be. The Chaos decide to take on my big battleship! Thinking he could take a battleship down, I don't think so!

Having to be spread out could be problematic, if he had gone for the right or middle he may have taking more of my ships out. Very hard to be the attacker in this one.

My right side Cruiser
Looking at my pretty little asteroids I had made for our space games. This Cruiser kept on failing his command rolls all game long.

My little Carrier in the center

Enemy on my 6!
With lock on with some of his ships, the Chaos fleet tries to take down the Battleship. I Brace and avoid taking any major damage.

Escorts to the rescue!

1st wave of bombers sent out.

Bomber run
My bomber flight goes in for the kill, taking the lone escort down. I soon lose these escorts shown above to enemy fire. Oh my poor escorts.

Sword Escorts
With my Swords I make a torpedo run to cover the flank of my Battleship.

Torpedo attack run with two Cruisers
Later in the game I get into range with my torpedos with both cruisers, while my Battleship tries to turn around. My escorts are out of picture on the left and tries to get behind the Chaos cruisers.

Forget guns Ordinance away
For going using any real fire power I go for torpedo and bomber runs. I go for the left rear Chaos Cruiser and launch everything into him. He is destroyed and becomes a drifting hulk. The last enemy Cruiser only has 1 hit and we call the game.

bomber wave
I think I got around 7 hits in with these wave. Whereby with previous damage puts him over his damage limit.

Crap, I failed command and run into a asteroid, taking 4 hits! Thank goodness I have 4 shields. As always the Battleship doesn't do much and just looks pretty flying around. Wonder why no one uses the Retribution Battleship but me.

Well that's it, more games to follow. Next game is a Flames of War on Tuesday, I will try to remember to take photos.


  1. Looks like a fun game. Like your game mat with the hexes. Very practical and looks good. Also the asteroids are well done. Good ideas for our xwing gaming.

    1. In Xwing, I am not sure how small or large the asteroids can be. But please steal and use the idea to your hearts content. I have an idea for dust clouds and the like, and I am in the process of painting up some planets too.

  2. Hey do the asteroids move each turn or are they static the whole game in BFG?

    1. They are static in BFG. One could play with moving terrain I seen someone play testing the idea somewhere online. Then I saw it in another flying game also. The game is fun and I think having terrain that stays still is good enough. Having to move it would slow down the game play to much.


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