Sunday, October 6, 2013

BattleFleet Gothic more more more stuff dug out from my stash of stuff.

Here we have more Craftworld Eldar, my god I painted these badly. Time for a repaint I say. I also have a few of the Jovian ships I will use as transports I suppose.

PS ignore the messy table, been jumping around from project to project and I use my computer desk as my painting station. =(

The total count for my Craftworld Eldar will be the following:

2 DragonShips (270 pts/ea = 540 pts)
4 Wraithships (180 pts/ea = 720 pts)
16 Shadowhunters (45 pts/ea = 720 pts)
(total = 1980 pts before adding leaders)

I am debating on selling off another 12 Shadowhunters (45 pts/ea = 540 pts) or just keep them, for escort swarm.

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