Sunday, October 20, 2013

Painting a Red Planet

Been busy at work painting up a planet for tomorrow.... I mean todays game. It is past 12am I really got to sleep.

Ok, this is a work in progress of my red planet. I am pretty happy with it as it stands but need to touch up a tad bit and call it finished.

Red Planet next to smaller blue one.
Looking at them side by side you can see the size difference I hope. I really like how the red came out, I did multiple laying in brushes then patches followed by more patches of paint.

A plastic half sphere I found.
I have two sizes, and wish to find a real big one, so I can make a Gas giant with a ring around it. If anyone knows of where to get a larger plastic sphere let me know.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks man, I had to really think how I was going to do the red one.

  2. Nice stuff. I remember I made some asteroids for BFG using a can of expanding foam. Just put a load of very small blobs on a board allowing room for expansion around each. Put on a base with a pin and paint black with grey/brown drybrush to finish. It worked pretty well.
    Not sure on where to find a big dome though. Maybe some cake cover or some such?


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