Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Two Games of Battlefleet Gothic using the BFG:R rule set

Having two games of Battlefleet Gothic with my friend Richard B.. I wanted to try out the BFG:R rules and so far I really like the changes for the better. In our first game we use the MMS (Move/Move/Shoot) rules of the eldar. This brings them more inline with how the other ships work in the game.

1st game, Mission: Bait

A lone Chaos Cruiser!

My Eldar make Chase!

Running in fear the Chaos puts all power to engines and runs!

Sailing like a boss, my eldar try to catch up.

Chaos call in two more ships.

Easy kills for my advanced weapons

Going in for the kill!
Ok, well that didn't work at all, the two chaos cruisers brace and don't really get touched a tad.

Chaos Escorts arrive to ambush my fleet.

Crippled and mostly out of the fight, my ships start to die.
I ended up losing all my ships to the Chaos fleet. The Mission was rough for my eldar, to say the least.

2nd Mission: Cruiser Clash (4 on 4 cruisers).

My pretty little Luna Class Cruisers
Ignore the Nova cannon, these two have torps.

My Nova Cannon taking pot shots all game long.
In front is a Gothic Class Cruiser, there to protect my Nova Cannon armed Cruiser behind it.

Richard abusing the moons.

I attempt to take the two Chaos Cruisers on my left.

All kinds of carnage going on.

Chaos making a run for it.
Having two ships crippled the bad smelling Chaos make a run for it. Taking a few more shots on the way out.

Time for shutting off engines and getting off board.
One, two, three make it.....

Failed to escape!

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Last Chance to take him out with a nova cannon shot, which only did 3 hits and my torps failed to score, the Chaos Cruiser leaves the battle space.

Great game but I will have to fight that same Chaos fleet once again because I didn't get one kill out of the bunch.


  1. Great to see BFG again. Makes me want to dust off my imperials and chaos (hmmm many pink ships...) as this was one of my favourite games. Never did find an opponent that had the time required (or the interest I did) for this sadly.

    1. Light red and yellow, only the pilots wear pink. Game has always been fun. Got a few people dusting off their fleets. In fact we may start a campaign too. Time is always an issue.

    2. lol I meant my chaos ships are pink. A slanesh theme running through them.

      Hope you get a campaign running. Definitely a game system that deserves some love. And then i may get to see some more reports too.

    3. Hey I used to have a Space Marine army for 40k that was pink and gray. Share some photos if you can!

  2. Hey,
    nice stuff. Losing the game with the Eldar is itchy. You should've nailed at least one Chaos Cruiser.


    1. His bracing helped him not take much damage. But I got payback the 2nd game. =)


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