Friday, October 11, 2013

Local Hobby Store silly business

I was in the store today and the store owner comes to me and hands me a BattleFleet Gothic ship because I told him I was interested in what he had left of Battlefleet Gothic and to save it all for me. Then I noticed the mark up he put on the item.  $25 for 1 cruiser really really sucked. What is up with that, right after I ask for the stuff he mark the product up to sell it to me. Granted some BFG stuff are priced all over the place online, it still bothers me that he did this right after I asked him to save me what he finds in the piles of stuff he has in his store and storage.

Oh well I guess I will look elsewhere for Battlefleet Gothic stuff I want and not think twice about it.  Back to just doing my own thing.


  1. Were you ever not doing your own thing?? BTW, I have some painted though I think.

    1. You have some BFG painted? Sweet! Game on!

      I get side tracked in projects if you haven't noticed. Though I paint my own things at times.

    2. Yeah, after Nov 7, but before dice.


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