Monday, August 5, 2013

What makes a good hobby store?

After seeing a new hobby store open up today and posting a review on it, I started to think about what makes a good hobby store?

My thoughts are as follows.
Clean well organized.
Place to play my games.
A place to meet people in my hobby.
Places to eat nearby.
Making special orders of things not in stock or carried normally by the store. If I ask and am willing to pay for it, I would like it in a timely fashion.
Friendly employees and owners.
Bathroom nearby

Bonus things
A computerized inventory system so I know what is on hand. Or a staff that knows exactly where everything is. A way to contact other players with same interest in games.

I want to go to and enjoy my hobby to get away from real life and to relax. I don't want to feel stressed at a place that I go to relax.  I don't like having to worry if I am in the way of other people when I play or if they are playing. I really don't like digging for stuff.


  1. What makes a good Hobby store?
    Helpfull staff, not too overfriendly though.
    A shop that has all that I want and can at least try to get hold of it for me.
    Free coffee would also be nice :-D

    1. One of the stores here sells drinks, but ice coffee would be nice. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't turn away hot coffee either. :-P


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