Monday, July 1, 2013

The roof is almost done! ... and other thoughts

Between video games and watching TV shows online, I have made major progress for the roof of the Block House. I hope to get it all painted/stained up by tomorrow after my doctors appointment. I am worried the stain will not come out good but I am hoping it works perfectly and will post the final project with video and pictures here on my blog.

Almost finished
I went to one of the local hobby shops today called Other Realms. They have improved their layout and the store is well organized. On monday nights they have a open game tables for people to play. I haven't been there in ages but I found the terrain lacking in quality on the tables. I am thinking of playing some games up there sometime soon and hope to have enough terrain to make a good showing.

So my to do list of stuff I want done up.

1. Dirt Roads
2. Hills
3. Forest
4. Rough Ground
5. Fields (standing crops and open fields.
6. More miniatures done up.
7. walls and fences.

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