Monday, July 1, 2013

Muskets and Tomahawks game 6-24-13 Attack on the Block House

Attack on the Block House.

We had a game on Sunday of 415 points a side. We decided to pick scenarios that would fit with using the block house.

Sorry that some of the photos came out blurry, I will try to take better shots next time.

The Battlefield
Left Flank

Left Flank 2nd pic

Random Pic

British Regulars Marching up the road
The French are hold up in the Block House. With two units of french regulars with an officer in the building this may prove difficult to take. With support from a few indian units to the left and right of the regulars, we make our way into cover on the outskirts of the block house.

Our Left flanking units move.
Richard sends up some indians and Irregulars to move towards the house on the left. Attempting to slow them down are some french Irregulars.

Moving Forward on the left.

Indian supporting the irregulars


center moving

French reinforcements moving towards the left flank.

Form Line, Prepare to fire!!

I may have made a mistake.
I form a line with the left unit, pushed back from fire, after losing 4 good men.

Exchange of fire.
While Richard moves up the center Regulars in a loose formation. With support from bows from the woods we start to fire at the block house. Pat fires back with his French regulars from the building.

Irregular unit in supporting position
This was a reserve unit. Plus there is a regular office that arrived on the board also.

Advance at the double

French pushed back.

Somewhere on the right of the block house.
I start to fire from the stream banks at the block house. From all the shooting only two french regulars died from fire. Block houses are hard as nails to kill any enemy troops within.

Pushing Forward!

Our Great advance

1st duel
Random event, Duel. We treated it as, both men go towards each other till melee happens. We treated it as  other units unable to interfere with till the duel was over. Our mighty British officer wins!

Full charge from indians from the center and left.

Block house on fire!!
Amazing my indians are not thrown back from the fire from the block house, they all set fire to the building.

skrimings in and around the blue house.
This goes on for awhile where some of our british forces and the french forces jokey for position. A stalemate happens on the left.

Something strange happens once more. Duel with the officer from the block house and my indian war leader go at it. These random events don't seem so random anymore.

Facing off

I will show you how this is done!!!!

Both officers kill one another off.

crazy thing happens....
Losing their officer and the building on fire, the two units inside the building both roll 1 and start to pile out the building and get into a crushing exit all pile on one other in a little traffic jam.

pew pew pew

pew pew pew pew

pew pew pew pew again

End Game
Pat wins and the building doesn't completely burn to the ground. We all had fun and realize that giving an arc of fire my be in order for the block house. As it stands we used a 180 degree LOS from each side. with limited number of shooting slits the men inside the building had to move around to fire at the incoming enemy troops.


  1. I had double pics, I will fix it. =p

  2. This is the game I missed? Damn. I would have brought my cannon..hahahaha


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