Sunday, July 14, 2013

Flames of War game on 7-14-13

I finally got a game in of Flames of War. It has been awhile but I am happy I got a game in again after a few months from not playing it. Oh my poor russians got destroyed and I couldn't take and hold an objective.

Later after this game another person wanted to practice a Flames of War game so I played another small game after the 1750pt game. The second one was 780pts or so a side. It was a teaching game to explain why and what I was doing when we played. At least I got a victory on that one.  =)

Next week I hope to get a Muskets and Tomahawk game in.


  1. Why are all the Russian tanks burning and the enemy looks like they just started the game?? Maybe you should fight the Russians like you fight your vicious tomahawk throwing natives in M+T. Those ones that ran through a hail of bullets to massacre trained troops behind fortifications..!!

    1. Big ass Hummels with their long range firing from the treeline tore me up. The T34s broke. It was a pretty close game, but I screwed up on some movement. That delayed my advance.

      I very much enjoy playing Flames of War, it is challenging with no super heroes like some other rules sets out their.


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