Sunday, May 19, 2013

Muskets and Tomahawks game 5/19/13

Got a 1v1 game in with Brian. Here are some of the pictures of that game. There was another game after this 2vs1 with Brian, Richard and I, but I forgot to take photos of that one.

The green sheet overlap was the boundary line for our game.

View of the board.
A 200 point game, I started off with my Indians all hidden. My goal was to move 2 markers from the north end of the board and from the south 3 markers (one of these was a dummy marker). Brian had setup one unit to cover to protect the villagers. Off to the left outside of camera view I had another marker moving from west to east.

Taking up position on the south part of town.
I took up a position on the south side of town. I survived being shot at and later I return the favor to no luck.

Ambush from the North.
I Ambush from the north, taking up potion and firing arrows down onto the defenders, taking one out.

1st dead of the day!
Oh the glory of taking one of his guys out with the trusty bows and arrows.

2 female villager are attacked!!
My brave warriors spend no time to reload and attack some of the villagers, two women and their babies in hand!  Oh the horrors they will face from my powerfully built indians!

Indian fail!
Though I took down two women with my hatchets, one of the females must have gone mad with fright and set upon one of my indian, fatally killing him with a swift kick to the low hanging fruits.

Reserves Arrives!
Brians reserves arrive and set upon my warchief, 3 on 1.... he stood no chance.  Soon after he rushed the bow armed indians and they to promptly died and ran.

Though I didn't get to take more photos due to really enjoying the game. I will try to take more next time.


  1. Hey you forgot to mention how my settler woman with the baby killed one of your high-speed Indian warriors! Great game! Can't wait till next Saturday. Going to build some proper fences this week.

    1. I will add more text in. Thought I had them in earlier.


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