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AAR Flames of War > 6 day War

Here is a bunch of pictures in during a 2v2 game with Richard, Mark, Pat and I. I tried out a camera I got and still learning to use it, I tried messing with manual focus but I think that didn't work out so well in some photos. Also I think the F stop was set to low because the depth of view was not that good on some. I believe the game was a 2590 pts a side.

The field of battle 8' by 5' board

Some close of of the terrain on the board

Terrain terrain oh my!

... more terrain
 Below you can see that the Jordanian's and Egyptian forces are massed for the attack. Because of the mission and it was an armor force vs armor force, Mark and I only had 1 unit of infantry and 1 tank platoon in ambush to hold off the massed formations in front of us.

Jordanian and Egyptian forces massed for the attack!

The view from the Israeli infantry dug in.

Israeli defending objective. (same as above photo)

Pat left, Richard right. Moving their forces turn 1.
 Though Mark, Pat and Richard thought it was a one sided game, I reassured Mark we got a good chance to still win.
Another photo of their move towards are lone platoon.

Israeli left flank enemy Egyptian armor moves up.
 Large armored force so very close to our only deployed platoon on the board. Still to far for them to assault us though, so all is well.

Our defending platoon holding ground.

blurry picture (sorry)

Here they come boys!
 After a bunch of shooting and artillery fire our Infantry hold ground.

Proxy for 18 guns of 152 death!
 Our Turn one, I bust out my reserve unit, and fire at the  SU100M platoon near the tree line.

Here I come!

Burning SU100Ms

Dead tanks middle table...

... who done it?
 These Magach 3 and Magach 2 CiC done it boy!! Ambush ambush ambush! (note: we made a mistake on having a higher command team join in with the ambush, which isn't allowed, good thing he really didn't do much from there)

3 "Magach 3" w/ 1 Magach 2 CiC
 Some T55s on our left get a few shots also from the ambush also.

pow pow pow

fail to kill anything here.

Our Jet flies in and kills 1 and bails one.

another view of center.

New turn, the rush up the center with what is left the the middle forces trying their best to surround and crush the infantry.

hull down in front of the Magachs
2 red dice to mark where the front of the 12"x12" bombardment will repeat mission. Infantry charge in for close combat, but only manage to push our Israeli infantry back.

Pushed out of their fox holes what is left of our platoon will try to dig in next turn.

Placement after a bloody pounding from tanks, infantry and artillery fire. This was followed by an assault from the infantry. We are pushed out of your fox holes, pinned and reduced. (didn't I just tell you this earlier?)

Our turn to get some pay back, an attempt by our air to bomb the front lines. (note: another mistake was we forgot to roll for firepower after planes were hit) Mark shoots from our left with the Magach 3 platoon. Followed by my shooting from my reserves from our right.

Burning tanks everywhere center stage.

1 su100M alive without a platoon leader stuck in the woods.

I finally lost a tank from my reserve units.

noting seems to hurt these guys hold up in the woodline.

152 battery still not pulling their share of the fight.
 I moved up on this one enemy tank that was trying to take the well (objective), well game doesn't start to end till turn 6 silly Arabs. Three shots and I fail my dice rolls.

Magach start to move to defend objectives and safe the infantry.

surrounded the last 2 infantry get charged and fight!

random dice roll during the game, I don't know what it means.
 The 2 infantry stands left just couldn't hold back the massed enemy troops rushing their positions.

bye bye infantry platoon.

consolidated in the woods.
 I move to get better shots off but fail to score any hits.

My other tanks start shooting at the enemy, followed by my mobile artillery who moved at the double to get in the action.

scratch a few more tanks.

A very fun game had by all. Great company and some good times! Though I am slowly building up my own force of Egyptians I have realized how tough it can be for the Egyptians army. I think they were handy caped by teaming up with the Jordanians.

Happy gaming and do share what you play also!


  1. Yeesh! Well, I've got to say it! Good battle! really - Red Steve and I (Matilda/9) have now NO excuse!!! We must get our respective forces - Israelli and Jordanian - sorted out and now a bit more quickly. I've already given a borderline response in the FOW sites to that. Neither of us, now have any further excuse..

    1. I have an excuse, I have to work and build back up my savings. Also I need to make sure to study when I can so as not to loose this great job I currently have. On this note, in about a year I will be able to start spending more into my hobby. I want at least 30-40 tanks on the table at 1750 you know. =p

  2. Great job guys! Really an inspiration to get into this game.

    1. Thanks Robert, yea those are my friends miniatures. I still have to build up my own force. Flames of War games of any period is fun.

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