Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP German Puma Armored Car

In the foreground is an almost finished Puma, the background is a darker one waiting to be brought up to par  with the front one. I need to paint up a 3rd one soon, hopefully they will all be done by today.

Still a WIP, so bare with me.

An update, I just finished the two Pumas and Matt Varnished them with the following images.  I plan on just getting the force all painted up first off, then all that will be left to do is the decals and weathering when I figure those out.

The funny thing is, the camo on kampfgruppe peiper is going to be all over the place due to the different units that were drawn together in his forces. It may seems strange to whom I play unless they understand the reasoning behind it all.


  1. you totally nailed the camouflage of the Pumas. Make me want to redo mine :)

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  3. Hence, sticker printing has become the modern day to remove decals


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